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Blue Moon & New Years Eve!

December 31, 2009

You may have heard the phrase “once in a Blue Moon.”  That is sometimes referred as a Harvest Moon, but harvest was finished a long time ago! A blue moon is when you have two full moons in the same month. This actually happens once about every two and a half years.  December just happens to be one of those months this year.

Our first full moon was Wednesday, December 3rd. The second is tonight December 31st. No the moon won’t look any different, same color,  same spectacular full moon look, if you can see it through the clouds!

Have a safe and memorable New Year’s Eve as we welcome a new decade, 2010!



2009 An Odd Weather Year in many ways!

December 24, 2009

The weather year 2009 seemed odd in many respects. From spring to a fall with no colors!

January was warmer than normal and drier. It was four and a half degrees warmer on average.

February a large ridge of high pressure hovered over the Pacific Northwest for a good part of the month. It was also drier and more than two degrees above normal for highs.

March started out with little precipitation but by the last third of the month we made up for it, ending up just about normal for the month.

April was a month with a major snowstorm the last four days. Over 35 inches fell during the month, tying the same amount that fell in 1967. Over 25 inches of that fell on the 27th through the 29th!

May ended up much drier than normal with near normal temperatures. A bone chilling 12 degrees set a new record for the first day of the month. It also caused damage to blooming plants and trees.

June proved to be another month that was drier and cooler than normal. Freezing temperatures or below on the 6th and 8th. By the end of the month it did start to warm back up.

July was much wetter than normal. A total of 3.6 inches of rain fell….more than 2 inches above normal for any July. The 24th was had 24 soaking of just under an inch of rain.

August was dry and temperatures about normal. Just an inch fell during the month when we should see another 7/10th of an inch of rain in a normal August.

September was warm and dry; in fact it was the warmest September since 1966. See I told you it was an odd year in many respects. There were seven days that it was 90 degrees of more, breaking four new high records.

October turned cool and wet. The first half of the month was the coldest first half of October ever with an average temperature only 33.3 degrees. We did warm up the last half of the month…but still ended being the fifth coldest October on record.

November was a month warmer than normal, in fact 8 degrees warmer on average. Very little precipitation, just .02″ of moisture making it the dries November since 1954!

December marked the end of the mild weather. Snow, cold and plenty of clouds. Sub-zero temperatures were driving up heating bills that have yet to arrive in the mail!

The arrival of the New Year means some mild days and also some chilly days.

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and a great New Year!