Blue Moon & New Years Eve!

You may have heard the phrase “once in a Blue Moon.”  That is sometimes referred as a Harvest Moon, but harvest was finished a long time ago! A blue moon is when you have two full moons in the same month. This actually happens once about every two and a half years.  December just happens to be one of those months this year.

Our first full moon was Wednesday, December 3rd. The second is tonight December 31st. No the moon won’t look any different, same color,  same spectacular full moon look, if you can see it through the clouds!

Have a safe and memorable New Year’s Eve as we welcome a new decade, 2010!



2 Responses to “Blue Moon & New Years Eve!”

  1. Sharon Schlaeppi Says:

    Just wishing you and others at KRTV a wonderful Blue Moon New Year’s Eve. I moved here two years ago and always tune in for the evening news. Thank you for keeping the Great Falls community aware of the current news and weather. You sure make life easier for the rest of us because we always know we can tune in and get an accurate weather and news report. I send my greetings wishing you a wonderful, prosperous 2010 year.

  2. Fred Pfeiffer Says:

    Thank you for the kind comments Sharon. We hope that you too have a wonderful new year!

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