Pittsburgh Radio Station Watches Our Storm

CBS Radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA was curious about our upcoming winter storm and called this afternoon for a quick interview. Paul Rassmussen was one of the talk show co-hosts and hails from Great Falls, so not surprised they would call.

Liz, didn’t catch her last name, found it hard to believe that we could see snow in March and April, which is when we see the heavy wet stuff! She could not believe that it could snow anywhere on the Fourth of July, but sure does in Montana some times.

During the interview the humidity in Great Falls was 67 percent about 1:30 pm when they called and it was snowing! When PA gets snow the humidity climbs and the cold chills you to the bone.

I assured her and them that we wear clothes in layers and weather the storm and we were expecting more than 6″ with 20″ in the mountains.  Keep a snow shovel handy and get ready to go to work tomorrow on the snow and blowing snow!

Stay safe and warm!



2 Responses to “Pittsburgh Radio Station Watches Our Storm”

  1. Melody Says:

    My husband and I moved from Great Falls, MT. to southeast Texas fpr warmer temps. I was joking with my friends down here. I told them Montana followed us. I miss Montana and I miss KRTV. I hope you are feeling better.

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      Temperatures have been cold just about everywhere so far this winter! Health wise I am doing just fine! Feel great and looking forward to spring. Happy New Year and thanks for commenting.

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