All good things must come to an end!

Our recent warm weather with daytime highs in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s has done its job! Our snow has all melted for the most part and many of the cars and trucks have all been washed and ready for the next round of winter.

The ice at Gibson Park pond is not of any use for ice skaters. Wet and slushy conditions  exist on the pond as we experience the Chinook effect to give us a break from winter. The Circuit Finals Rodeo event in Great Falls this past weekend brought out the crowds with the warm weather.

While California and the west coast are getting nailed with rain and high elevation snow this week, we have enjoyed the comfortable weather. Don’t thing spring is here yet, another change is getting ready to take place.

Friday some of that same moisture from the southwest should move into parts of Montana wrapped around a low moving northeast ward in our direction. Computer models are putting Great Falls kind of at the edge of the snow, but eastern Montana is bracing for 8″ to 10″ of heavy wet snow. Not good news for those who are calving at this time of the year.

Central Montana is expected snowfall as well, but heavier amounts should be confined to the higher elevations. But be prepared for winter conditions.

Anyone traveling by late in the weekend in eastern Montana may find themselves in difficult driving conditions. Gusty winds will cause blowing and drifting as well as limit visibility.

As this storm develops we will keep watching it too. At least it does not include the bitter cold Arctic air like we had in December that pushed temperatures into sub-zero ranges for an extended period of time.

Keep an eye on our website for storm watches and warnings this weekend and stay well!



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