Major Winter Storm Moving In

The streets and highways were finally cleared of most snow and ice earlier this week thanks to some warming southwest winds, that help make our winters shorter and bearable.

We have watched the drenching that California residents endured all week, with several waves of moisture slapping the state with heavy rain and high elevation snow. Computer models showed that about the third round for California would end up pushing our way into Montana. That is exactly what happened!

It started last night with late freezing fog that coated windshields, wires, trees and anything it could find. By late morning snow moved in right on schedule and we have seen snow ever since. Amounts will range from 5 to 9 inches in Great Falls by the end of the weekend to as much as 24 inches in the higher elevations and mountain passes.

The state in most areas is under normal for snow pack so this is good new in that area. Not such good news for those who are beginning calving. Eastern Montana residents will be bear the brunt of the heavy snow and gusty winds. Don’t be surprised if some power outages pop up during the weekend as a result of this strong storm.

I hope you are ready for winter conditions. Travel will be tricky for many so be sure and check the road report and various warnings and advisories on the KRTV website before you venture outdoor.

Enjoy your weekend!



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