Water running everywhere for 1 more day!

Conrad Snow January 29th

The water is running in the streets with highs today well into the 30’s. Our thermometer at KRTV shows 45 but it can run a little high. The news is it is warmer outdoors for another day.

This photo was taken by Shannon Newth while she was covering a story for news in Conrad this morning, so still plenty of snow cover 50 miles of us on I-15!

Another Pacific storm moving eastward will cool us off  Saturday and bring with it a chance of snow Saturday evening and Sunday. Lingering showers on Monday as well.

A side for this Friday. The staff at KRTV, like many other businesses, have a tradition of casual dress on Friday’s. Many wear comfortable jeans. On air since my pants are seen on your television screen I still need to wear suit pants or slacks. Don’t worry though, I get to have my casual day each Friday by wearing tennis shoes which you can’t see on television!

Oh, what color? White socks and white tennis shoes! How about you, do you get to dress casually on Friday? Let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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