Freezing fog blankets us overnight

We have seen a lot more freezing fog then normal for our area, but it is putting on a spectacular show for those who get up early enough!

The delicate white crystals of ice that form are called hoarfrost, white frost or simply frost. This happens during cold weather when the temperature falls to the dew point.

I am inserting a few pictures that I snapped at mid-day after the fog had lifted and the frost was gone, except for higher elevations, like our television towers and the guy wires attached to them. There are some other photos by others I have received.

Another picture is one taken last night at 11 pm when the air was so moist it covering the shrubs, cars and other exposed objects.

Frost covered tree outside KRTV last night.

Frost clinging to TV tower and support cables.

Frost abounds on TV towers and cables.

Three days of hoar frost accumulation at Glasgow High.

The picture above is from an earlier event and is courtesy of the National Weather Service Glasgow office.

Giant Springs by Gary Peterson.

Frost in Geyser - Katie Stukey/Connie Walter


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