So you want to watch the space station & amp; shuttle in flight? You can on the Internet!

If you are interested you can watch the real-time tracking of the space station and the shuttle right on your computer. It will also give you projections of when you might get a glimpse as it circles the earth every few hours.

Statistics on altitude, speed and positioning are all part of the information from NASA. You may want to even bookmark the site for future reference!

The main screen looks like this:

Tracking the Space Station web site screen shot

To find the website here is the link!

As you can see it also shows where it is dark in other parts of the world and where it is daylight. It passes over Montana quite frequently, just this afternoon it was tracking more to the south.

Check it out. I think you will find this interesting. Some ham radio operators, such as myself can sometimes get lucky and talk to the astronauts aboard who hold ham radio licenses. They are only overhead in line of sight range for a few minutes so contacts are quick and you feel lucky if can catch up with them.

Back to the weather for me, but since the shuttle is docked with the space station in orbit, I thought you might be interested. Have a great day!



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