Kids ask some mighty great questions!

How much snow does Great Falls get a year?

Over the years of talking with grade school and high school students they are always curious about the weather, especially the extremes. So I thought I would toss out some of the answers to their questions about our moisture.

As for snowfall Great Falls average yearly total is 52.3 inches. The  most snowfall to ever fall in the city was during the winter of 1988-1989. A total of 117.5″ of snow fell. That is more than double the average! The winter with the least amount of snowfall was 1904-1905 when only 17.9″ fell.

When you add up all the snow and rainfall Great Falls average yearly precipitation is 14.98″. In 1975 we received 25.24″ of moisture, the record high. The lowest amount ever received was in 1904. The driest year only 6.68″ of moisture was recorded.

Interesting trivia table talk and I’ll be sharing some other statistics that are always asked in future Blog posts.



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