Happy Presidents Day!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday if you have it off. Pretty quiet around the station as it’s a holiday here too.

On the way to work today I stopped by the Missouri and took a quick shot toward the southwest. A couple  of inches of snow this morning with plenty of clouds in the area.

After the snow has ended along the Missouri

It was an enjoyable weekend, Saturday tried to clean up the home office a bit, shredding papers and getting ready to start doing the annual tax thing. Still waiting on a couple of forms so that didn’t last long!

Sunday was a lazy day for us both. Watched some of the Olympic events on television. The moguls were fun to watch but even in my skiing days I wouldn’t ski that fast…out of control…not for me! I took my wife out for a Valentine’s Day meal during the middle of the afternoon to break up the day.

This morning I had enough time before work to run the four-wheeler with the plow around the neighborhood and an hour later the sidewalk on the other side of street was completely clear. Not so lucky on our side of the street, but it was warm enough I didn’t want to wear a hat and only the ears got a little chilly.

It’s hard to believe that in about two weeks we begin the month of March. Is it just me or did it seem like the fall and winter months just flew by?



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