Upper 30’s today…but Gibson Pond being cleared for skating!

Thick enough for skating on Gibson Pond today.

Early afternoon the equipment was out on a part of Gibson Pond clearing the snow and then using the brush to clear off the ice for skating. I saw the covers over the “no skating-ice too thin” signs. Guess if the tracker holds up on the ice people can too.

We are seeing some melting going on today, but with a couple of weather systems headed into Montana later in the week it will turn colder by Wednesday night and Thursday. That will keep the ice solid and hopefully ready for any skaters! The city Park and Rec Department confirmed that the pond is open for skaters.

I spent a lot of time on Gibson in high school and my younger years. Picked up a few bumps and bruises along the way too. But plenty of great memories and can still smell the wet jersey gloves drying on the barrel heating stove.

Do you have similar memories of skating at Gibson Pond?



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