Ballfields sit covered in snow waiting for Spring!

Baseball Complex waiting for Spring and young people!

We have seen a little of everything today, including a reminder that more snow is coming our way overnight. I happened to notice how still and quiet the baseball complex is compared to spring and summer when it is filled with the voices of young people and coaches laughing and cheering. It’s almost like the fields can wait for some company too!

You guessed it, spring is my favorite season and looking forward to grass turning green, trees getting buds and cleaning up from the mess of winter.

We do have a Winter Weather Advisory until tomorrow morning. Two to five inches of snow for the plains and up to a half of foot of snow possible around the Great Falls area.

So the boys and girls of summer will need to wait a while, but time passes quickly and before you know it spring will be here. Less than 4 weeks!

I have always loved baseball, basketball and track. I found this photo from Cut Bank in the summer of 1959.

Fred up to bat in Cut Bank. June 1959

What is your favorite season of the year and why? Let me know.



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