The weather is just ducky for the Gibson Park birds!

Geese at Gibson Pond, but no skaters!

With a few flurries the first part of Friday afternoon I thought I might find a few ice skaters on Gibson Pond. No takers but the geese and ducks were enjoying the afternoon. Most  were crowded around a few people who were feeding them bread.

Those geese that were tired were laying right in the middle of the walking path around Gibson. Why not? I guess I didn’t see any walkers using the path. Lunch time was over and everyone had gone to work or were handling other chores before the weekend.

We will  have some clouds to contend with today and Saturday, but by Sunday it looks like the sun breaks out and the temperatures begin to climb back into the 30’s and some days close to 40!

Hopefully we can get rid of some ice and snow. Watch your step even walking, some areas are still very icy!

Have a great weekend!



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