What a day for a car wash!

Inside the car looking out my windshield at the car wash getting rid of the dirt and grime!

Today seemed like a great day to get the car washed and knock off the dirt and grime from our melting ice and snow. I wasn’t the only one with the same idea as I had to wait in line for about four others who were just as dirty.

Now the trick is avoiding all the big water puddles around town and watching for other cars who try to spray you with water as you go close to them. Fun game this time of the year I guess.

We do have an upper level weather system moving our way that could mess up the wash job some this weekend although it really appears like the moisture will end up well south of Great Falls. This system is still developing but temperatures remain mild this weekend.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. I don’t normally post blogs during the weekend but I will Monday early afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day.



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