February was a cold and snowy month!

The month of February in Great Falls was a cold month but about normal for the second month of the year. Good thing we only have 28 days in February!

The snowfall was heavier than normal. We had 8.5″ of snow at the National Weather Service on Gore Hill. That was almost a full inch above normal.

There were no new records set during the month. The average daily maximum temperature was 35.3 degrees while the average daily low temperature of 17.9 degrees.

The warmest day in February was 53 degrees on the last day of the month, 53. The coldest was -6 below zero on February 9th.

The precipitation total was .55″ which is just .04″ of an inch above normal.

If it seemed like we had more than our share of fog during the month, we did. There were 16 days that fog was observed. Four of those days the visibility dropped to 1/4 mile or less for a period of time.

One day of light freezing rain also added to the slippery roads and streets.

It feels good to see temperatures jump into the 50’s this past weekend to end the month. March is headed in like a lamb. A high today of 57 for the first of March and tomorrow looks just as good.

Are you ready for an early spring? Count me in!



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