Look what’s under the snow and ice! Green grass!

Spring is not far around the corner when you find green grass growing under the snow cover and ice that has lingered for so long. Shot these pictures in the back yard this morning and sure enough, green grass. Spring officially arrives March 20th at 11:32 am MDT.  We set our clocks ahead an hour on the weekend of March 13-14th to begin Daylight time!

Green, green grass of home!

Ice and green grass combo! You want to "super-size" that?

I can only imagine what lies under the ice, snow and leaves in backyard. My wife saw her first Red Headed Finch of the season feeding on the seed in the backyard. Are you as excited about spring as I am and why?



3 Responses to “Look what’s under the snow and ice! Green grass!”

  1. Amy Grisak Says:

    Good Morning, Fred!

    Love your blog (since I’m equally interested in the weather). I’m with you on spring excitement. Last Sunday, when I was soaking up the rays in the greenhouse while seeding peppers, onions and all sorts of goodies, I noticed a couple of my cabbage plants that I put in last fall were greening up. It’s an experiment I’m trying, and so far I’m excited with the progress. It’s definitely my favorite time of year!

    Enjoy the gorgeous days,

  2. david Says:

    Holy cow – didn’t realize that the clock-change was just around the corner!

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