Another beautiful day. Even the birds are singing!

A few clouds, but not enough to spoil the day! Photo by: David Sherman KRTV

We sure have been fortunate with the end of February and the beginning of March this year. Plenty of sunshine and lots of highs in the 50’s. I do feel sorry for the viewers in Havre and eastern Montana. You have been getting nothing but cold air at the surface. Many days the temperature just a few hundred feet above the ground has been in the 40’s! Maybe you will get the break you deserve soon.

Even before leaving the house I could hear the birds enjoying our weather. My wife saw two hummingbirds come by the empty feeder this morning. They are sending out scouts already looking for food!

On the way to work I noticed one man with a definite spell of spring fever. He had his grass edger out and was trimming along the sidewalk at his home. A few motorcycles, lots of joggers and bicycles out too!

We are starting to see some clouds move into the area, so far nothing on radar but cloud cover, some fog and showers possible overnight. The low around 30.

Friday mostly cloudy, foggy in the morning and a high near 50.

The weekend looks mostly to partly sunny both days with highs around 50.

I am going to step outside for a few minutes, enjoy the sunshine and catch a little fresh air. I hope you can too!



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