The weather outside is just “Ducky”

Hi everybody! I am sure enjoying the sunshine!

Right on target today with what I said yesterday. Some morning clouds that threatened a little moisture, but they have thinned out and moved out-of-the-way to give us sunshine! Even this deck duck is enjoying the sunshine!

I had a viewer call and left a message this morning that he saw two robins in his yard on the far end east end of Great Falls. We have been watching for robins at our house, but they have not arrived when we are watching. A sure sign of spring coming.

I also noticed a couple of grass Thatcher’s or power rakes  running over the dead grass in preparation for spring.  I like to leave my lawn long in the fall as protection in case we get a hard winter. It could sure use a cutting to make it shorter for spring, but there are still piles of snow in my yard! Guess that will wait unless I want to put chains on the rear wheels of the lawn mower.

On another subject. On the way to work I was listening to a country radio station, I like all kinds of music. Have you noticed that the percussion in some country songs sounds just exactly the same beat as the turn signal makes in your car when it is on? There are a few songs like this and it makes me look every time to make sure that I am not driving around with my turn signal on!

Have a great afternoon and weekend!



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