The “Weather Duck” is not happy!

The "Weather Duck" is not happy!

This duck sits outside year-round on the deck.  He is extremely low maintenance, eats little, drinks little and just tolerates what Montana weather brings his way,  so I decided to call him the “Weather Duck.” He woke up this morning with a coating of frozen rain, snow and a little chilly. The snow we did get is melting once the sun hits it.

I wonder if we should name the weather duck? Any ideas, maybe “Windy.” I don’t know but on sunny days he may sport a hat and shades. Maybe a glass of ice tea, depending upon the weather. If you have any good names for him let me know!

We expected clouds this morning, but had sunshine and now some clouds have moved into the area. The nice part is the ground is warm enough that the snow and frozen rain dries up in a hurry excepted for the shaded areas.

We do expect high pressure to move in now and give us nice weather after today.

Thursday partly sunny and mid 40’s.

Friday still on track for sunshine and mid 50’s.

The weekend looks partly cloudy, a few showers possible and a little cooler.

By next week we could see highs near 60 again.

I hope you have a better day then the duck did!



5 Responses to “The “Weather Duck” is not happy!”

  1. Erin Schattauer Yeykal Says:

    We love the Weather Duck over at KBZK! We also think he should just be known as the Weather Duck. That’s our collective vote.

  2. Weather Duck! | Greater Falls! Says:

    […] of you know that Fred Pfeiffer now has a weather blog -and now he’s got a semi-regular guest: the Weather Duck! But the poor duck doesn’t have a name yet, so Fred is soliciting suggestions. Go say hi, and […]

  3. david Says:

    I like “Weather Duck” too – but he (she?) still needs a REAL name. Would “Quacky” be too obvious?

  4. lalita Says:

    has anybody else seen flashing objects in the sky on march 10 around 8:00 in northcentral montana.

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