What a day to be outside! Joggers, squirrels and birds everywhere!

Ducks and geese have their run of Gibson pond! Still some thin ice but lots of water!

I drove by Gibson park on the way to work and what a beautiful day outside. A little bit of a breeze but joggers and strollers on the path around the track, squirrels having fun running in the grass and lots of people feeding the ducks and geese. Even the playground was busy!

I have not seen my first gopher of year, but some staff members have. They are really called Richardson Ground Squirrels, still gophers to me. A sure sign that spring is headed our way on the 20th!

Busy schedule for activities. Basketball tournament in town, lots of traffic and street cleaners at work picking up the gravel from the last storm. Sunday at 2 am we officially go to Daylight Saving Time. Set your clocks ahead 1 hour before going to bed Saturday night to be in sync with the rest of the world!

Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day and good weather ahead for that it appears.

Then Saturday spring officially begins. Yes it is an exciting time to watch the grass turning green and see water instead of ice!



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