Mowers running, neighbors out visiting!

Looking south from Riverview Monday

The snow is gone expect for the higher elevations after some nice weather last week. This week is starting out the same with sunshine and temperatures pushing the 60 degree mark again at mid-day!

I noticed our first robin in the backyard this morning. Well actually the cat noticed it first and then we saw it, after investigating over what the cat was chattering at! The weekend was a bit cool but a good day to clean out the garage, or at least a start on it.

Today I saw plenty of people outdoors cutting their lawns for the first time to get rid of the dead grass. Also look raking and visiting with their neighbors. That to me is what is exciting about spring. People out and moving around so you can say hello.

The first part of the last week of winter looks very nice through Wednesday. Thursday we go back to a chance of showers with little accumulation expected. The highs drop back into the mid 40’s, where they belong this time of the year.

This weekend looks sunny but still in the mid 40’s.

I hope you are having a great day!



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