March 16th ends up being a record breaker!

Looking north and very few clouds!

Driving to work today the first thing I noticed at a nearby elementary school was that kids were outside playing at recess with most not wearing their coats, that nice of a day. We have had to put up with some 25 mph wind gusts at times but 64 degrees at 2 pm!

It ended up being a record setting day in four areas! Great Falls 68 tied the record set in 1994, Choteau hit 71 breaking the old record of 70 from the same year. In Valier 67 degrees was good enough to beat 66 in 1994 and at Big Sky a new record high 57, breaking the old record of 56 in 1974!

There also is a noticable amount of people on the streets riding their motorcycles and bicycles. We are surely being spoiled for this time of the year, highs should only be in the mid 40’s. But I say bring it on. The sunshine feels soooo good!

A little cooler for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration but 50’s is a very nice day for the occasion.

Don’t put away the coats just yet as a change comes later this week that will push us below normal for our daily high temperature.

Enjoy these warm mild days!



One Response to “March 16th ends up being a record breaker!”

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    […] you enjoying the weather this week? Fred notes that Great Falls tied a record high on Tuesday. Sigh. Yes, it’s nice, but I’m already feeling nostalgic for […]

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