Western Art Event opens with a bang!

Our winds have been stronger than we expected today but still a nice day to open the activities of the western art shows in town, although it will cool off as we get to the end of the week.  I have been saving this picture just for this occasion! Picture of myself dressed up in cowboy garb in Cut Bank. I am guess the age about 3 or 4.

Root tootin' time in town tonight!

On the drive to work today hearing lots of birds that are enjoying our “spring-like weather.” I did see my first gopher of the year. Unfortunately he was not moving, apparently failed to dodge the treads of an oncoming vehicle.

I can’t wait to get to my grass and mow the dead stuff up for the first time. Other activities keeping me from it, maybe the weekend in it’s not too damp! The long range outlook looks pretty good for the weekend.

Thursday and Friday a frontal system will deliver a mix of rain and snow and cooler daytime temperatures. Little or no accumulation is expected. Thursday’s high 42 and Friday colder at 34.

More sunshine this weekend and highs return to the 50’s. These spring storms don’t normally last long.

I hope you get a chance to take in some or all of the art activities around town through the end of the weekend!



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