Gusty winds pushing the clouds on by

A few cumulus clouds moving by in the wind

A typical spring day in Montana, and the gusty winds we predicted are present this afternoon.

Our peak wind gust so far has been 37 mph just before 11 am today.

The wind is moving our temperature up into the 50’s, but a little extra hairspray would certainly not hurt a bit.

A high wind watch is out for most of north central Montana ahead a front system, so expect the wind to stay with us tonight and again Thursday.

A high wind warning has been issued for the Rocky Mtn. Front areas:

The air smells fresh and very spring-like and the birds are singing. I noticed the wind was strong enough that most grade school students had their jackets on for recess after lunch today. That means it really doesn’t feel like it’s in the 50’s!

By Thursday our wind gusts may approach 50 mph with mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of showers. The high in the lower 60’s.

Friday much cooler air and breezy. Mostly sunny with a high near 40 and a dose of 40 mph wind gusts along with it.

Saturday party sunny with low 50’s.

By Sunday mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and a high in the lower 50’s.

I hope you can hang on to your trash cans in the wind. Friday is my trash day so I will have to keep a close eye on it!



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