Always great to talk with Walter Bruening, the World’s oldest man, age 113!

Walter Breuning - Oldest Man in the World

It has been a few months since I had stopped in to see my old friend Walter Breuning at the Rainbow Retirement Center in Great Falls.

We had a nice visit for an hour about wages, the strong winds, the economy, state of the world, both of our hearing troubles, eating too much, the new gadgits we have today like Blackberry’s and the speed of the internet. I snapped a shot of Walter after our chat with my Blackberry right after our visit.

At 113 years of age, and looking forward to 114 in September, Walter told me he feels great, does his daily stretching exercises and still only takes an aspirin a day.  He frequently walks the hallways and talks with residents and visitors. There is no sign of him slowing down, his hearing aids are working well and he is able to carry on wonderful conversations with visitors.

If you are interested in hearing previous interview with Walter they are all available on the webpage. Just scroll down until you find the box that says Walter Breuning, Living Legend. CBS interviews and other personal interviews I have with him are all still available.

Thank you Walter for being a friend!



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