Sunny for us, Europe battles with volcanic ash!

Big Sky Country! Looking northeast

What a beautiful spring day in Northcentral Montana! The birds are happy, and people I found to be in an exceptional good mood today! I can’t blame them, this is the type of day or either work outside or have the day off and go fishing!

with 67 degrees today you couldn’t ask for a nicer day. Here is a sunset shot I caught coming back to work this evening. Nice sunset with the new Federal courthouse in the background along the Missouri.

Big Sky Country Sunset!

From the looks of things I will be mowing my backyard sometime this weekend. The front was done weeks ago and looks great. The back, well I just ran out of time and then the snow came. I just remembered I work Saturday so it’s Sunday or Monday!

Maybe a good weekend to till the small garden plot, if you have one and see just how deep that moisture runs in your area. As it warms up I see so many chores that need taken care of when you can be outside.

Saturday looks mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms. The high near 70.

Sunday partly sunny with the same chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms and a high of 70.

If you work as a barber, beauty shop operators or have Monday off, the great weather continues. Sunny with a high in the lower 70’s.  Enjoy!

For those who might be concerned about any effect in the Pacific NW from the Iceland volcano, Ben Schott from the National Weather Service issued this statement.

“Slight if any at all…the amount of ash coming from the volcano is relatively low for an eruption…the global extent therefore very small. Ash can typically create lower temps across the planet as it reflects the energy from the sun back into space…but with the relatively small amount of ash ejected high up into the atmosphere it will have little or no effect for the NW USA or Montana.”

If you are interested in reading more here is a link to a great National Geographic site that is very helpful!



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