Mostly cloudy with a chance of Meatballs!

Fred reading the classic children's book at Sacajawea Elementary School

Really no meatballs from the sky, but this early this afternoon I was given the joy of reading the classic book to the entire Sacajawea Elementary student body as part of their “Guest Reader” monthly program. The gymnasium was packed and the camera was fighting the light coming in from the windows, but what a wonderful time we had!

Thank you to the Principal Mrs. Smith, her staff and all the students for having me.

Great crowd at Sacajawea Elementary!

The real weather is still on track for the weekend. Some clearing later today and tonight and sunny Saturday. We expect to breezy conditions but warmer with low 60’s.

Sunday is the cooler day of the weekend as cold air rushed into the state. Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and a high in the upper 40’s.

By Monday we have a better chance of sunshine and highs in the mid 50’s. A shower or two possible during the rest of the week with highs varying from 50 to 62 degrees.

Have a great weekend and if you are having meatballs for a meal, please enjoy them!



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