Clouds stick around but not for long!

Mostly cloudy skies stick around overnight!

Expecting to see some clearing this afternoon, it just has not happened! Some times the Rocky Mountains and wind directions give us a chance to be wrong. Northeast winds have keep the temperature down in the 50’s, that was expected, but the clouds have stretched into Montana from a low pressure system in Utah.

We still just need to be patient, high pressure will take over by Thursday and along with sunshine we will face much warmer temperatures.

On a side note, last week I interviewed fellow Cut Bank grade school and Junior High friend Rob Quist. The Mission Mountain Wood Band is reunited and they plan to play a concert in June.

The half hour program will air this Sunday morning May 16th at 9 am on  the Montana New’s Station’s “Face the State” program. It will feature how the Mission Band was formed, it’s success, it’s tragedy with one former band member dying in a plane crash and all the excitement of the group in the 70’s. Lot’s of great video from that era and Rob sings a couple of songs for us on the program too!

Editing that has kept me running behind a little in the weather but I know if you followed the success of the band this is a must see, and a chance to see the group re-united in Great Falls in June 25th!



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    […] talks about an upcoming “Face The State” segment featuring Rob Quist and the Mission Mountain Wood […]

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