A great day for fishing the Missouri!

It is one of those perfect days in Great Falls. Temperatures in the 60’s and just a light breeze. I noticed on the way to work along River Drive South there were quite a few people who were drowning worms, fishing the Missouri. This put a smile on my face.  I had hoped to get a picture but the parking places were all full! That means that everyone is enjoying getting out to enjoy the fresh air and all the sights and sounds of spring!

The River’s Edge Trail was busy as well, with some people taking time for a stroll instead of a lunch break I would guess. The geese and goslings are all napping and grazing, it just was a great sight to experience. The trees are filling out nicely too, despite the chilly start to the day each morning.

Our weather pattern is great. High pressure, lots of sunshine and temperatures into the 70’s for the next week, including the weekend! I have heard a lot of talk about people planning their first fishing trip this weekend.

A heads up that some streams are running bank full because of the snow and rain. The warm temperatures is speeding up the melting process so please be prepared for some areas to have high water and may be impassable.

Enjoy the day and our great warming trend!


Friday      Mostly sunny     72/38


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