We are entering a cloudy, showery spring stage!

We need the rain for all the spring flowers!

We certainly were spoiled with last weekend’s weather. Sunny, warm and for some even too hot! Now the trend is going to reverse itself and we go back into a string of days of mostly clouds and showers and thunderstorms.

It looks like the next round of moisture toward the weekend could even easily dump some snow at the higher elevations. Memorial Day is not far off and everyone starts watching the skies and the weather report to see what kind of holiday it will be.

One viewer the other day told me the 3 day holiday is always rainy and the sun comes out Monday afternoon when it is time to head home from camping. That has happened, in fact it wasn’t too many years ago that heavy snow chased campers back into town early!

Today has been a pleasant day. Despite some clouds, the sun shines through off and on. I was downtown earlier this morning and noticed a couple of people dining on the sidewalk outside one of hot dog businesses. Sure reminded me that spring was here, along with all the leaves popping out on the trees in the downtown area.

I hope you enjoy your day and get to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers!



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