What a day for a swim! Tuesday looks good too.

Gibson Park Pond over the weekend

The weather certainly cooperated over the weekend to be outdoors! Spent some time with family at Gibson Park. There were a lot of people wandering the park, playing in the kid play area and using the jogging path.

I noticed the pond has turned an aqua blue color. I understand it is to rid the pond of all the algae that has accumulated. I also noticed the ducks and geese don’t care for bread once it hits the water.You can see some small pieces of bread in this shot, floating around and being ignored by the birds.  Some people were throwing in whole slices of bread, the end result was a pond full of blue bread. Not a pleasant sight and then the other trash thrown in the pond too. One of my favorite areas to visit but I have sure seen it look better.

I managed to find time to trim up some lilacs, an apple tree and pull out a dead tree. Helped my wife plant a few things and just had a busy but fun weekend!

I was on a story for a couple of hours this afternoon, that is why no blog earlier today. Sorry, but will tell you more about the story when it airs most likely next week.

Stay well!



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