Thunderstorm Micro Burst Destroys Home, Killing 1 near Froid, MT

The following information is relayed from the NWS office in Glasgow, MT

Froid Storm Damage Survey
June 17, 2010
Tanja Fransen, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
NOAA/National Weather Service Glasgow, MT
The National Weather Service in Glasgow, along with Roosevelt County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Dan Sietsema conducted a damage survey of a property near Froid.

A series of storms moved through eastern Roosevelt County between 900 pm and 1030 pm on Wednesday June 16th. The storms had widespread reports of winds in the 60 to 75 mph range, but a microburst 3 miles east of the town of Froid produced winds estimated at 110 to 125 mph a little after 9 pm yesterday evening.

A modular home that was only about a year old had the foundation straps snapped, and it was lifted from its foundation, thrown 30 feet to the  north northeast and flipped over. Two people were in the home at the time and a female ended up approximately 250‐280 feet north‐northeast of the main debris area. The female victim died shortly afterwards and the male victim was hospitalized with injuries including a broken arm and collarbone.
At the time of the event, a Tornado Watch was in effect for all of eastern Montana through 2 am. A watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to occur. No tornadoes were reported in eastern Montana. Also, a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for eastern Roosevelt County (meaning that storms are imminent or occurring) had been issued at 817 pm through
915 pm mentioning large hail and damaging winds. Another severe thunderstorm warning was issued at 915 pm through 1015 pm for the same concerns of large hail and damaging winds.
A microburst is a small scale phenomenon (less than 2.5 miles) that produces very strong, damaging winds from the downdraft of a thunderstorm. While there were tree branches broken, shingles peeled back and isolated power poles snapped throughout the region, the significant damage was isolated to the area east of Froid.

Neighboring farms had no significant or obvious damage. Microburst winds of 50‐70 mph occur between 10 to 15 times a year in eastern Montana, with more devastating winds occurring once or twice a year. Many go unnoticed/undetected due to the rural nature of the region.

Tracy O'Connor Ariel Photo of the damage

Tracy O'Connor Air photo

Ground level picture from NWS Glasgow

Ground view from NWS Glasgow

Ground level picture - NWS Glasgow


2 Responses to “Thunderstorm Micro Burst Destroys Home, Killing 1 near Froid, MT”

  1. karen Says:

    God bless all of you!!! for helping out!! My prayers to the Ryder family!

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