A much quieter weather day. Just high water!

Very green in the French Creek area above Wolf Creek

All the water and melting snow is keeping our creeks, stream and rivers high. This is a shot from this weekend after a good shower and thunderstorm Saturday night. It sure smelled good, but have not seen the creek run as high as it is in years!

A quieter weather pattern is expected for us the next couple of days. The upper level low pressure area responsible for the active weather the last couple of days has moved northeastward away from us.  Although we have some clouds to contend with along with a slight chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms it is much quiet on the radar screen today!

Flood warnings are out for areas along the Missouri River near Ulm. A flood warning for the Milk River near Harlem is also being watched closely.

The good news is that gradually warmer temperatures move into the area this week, sunshine tomorrow and a high around 80. That should help dry out some of the mud created from all the rainfall.

The 70’s also look to be common for this week and into the weekend with any showers slight and isolated.

After the last two days we can take a deep breath or two and get back on track. I hope you have a great day!


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