Up and away all those beautiful balloons!

It has been an enjoyable and memorable day for me. My wife and I both went to Camp Francis, an outing lasting nearly a week sponsored by Peace Hospice of Montana. It is designed for youngsters to attend the camp to understand the steps of grief and learning ways to cope with the loss of someone close to them.

I talked about how dealing with death and grief is like a violent storm. It never completely ends but time does have a way of healing and giving us the good memories of those who have passed before us. I shared my experiences with grief especially with the loss of a 13-year-old grandson, almost four years ago.

What made it extra special as well was my wife accompanied me and today is our wedding anniversary! A great way to spend part of the day with two dozen young people along with their families as they struggle with the loss of life.

At the end of the program everyone released balloons with the names of their loved one’s on them. The view of the balloons rising upward was spectacular. I managed to snap a few pictures as the balloons were heading skyward. My thanks to the Peace Hospital of Montana and the Children’s Bereavement program for inviting us. I hope I helped the participants as much as it helped me!

Enjoy the warm weather that is approaching just in time for the weekend.


Camp Francis balloons launched skyward

Up, Up and higher yet!

Hundreds head high above!

For information on the program follow this link:



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