What a wondeful summer weekend ahead!

Building clouds could mean evening showers!Looking to the southeast, building clouds this afternoon that could mean a chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight. There is a possibility that some rainfall could be heavy at times.

Everything changes into a wonderful weekend by Saturday with mostly sunny skies and a high in the upper 70’s. Perfect weather for the many outdoor activities that are planned around the area Saturday.

Sunday the nice weekend gets even better with a high in the low 80’s.

Monday the thermostat goes way up with a high near 90 degrees!

Tuesday looks warm as well with upper 80’s before cooling into the lower 80’s by Wednesday.

If you are looking for some heat relief after that run of hot temperatures Thursday and Friday we return to the mid 70’s.

So much going on this weekend! I will be in Fort Benton and have asked to be the Summer Celebration Parade Grand Marshall. A new experience for me, the grand marshall deal, but not Summer Celebration. It is always a lot of fun and lots of action packed activities! I am honored that I was asked to participate.

I hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend!



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