Everyone wants some sunshine! It’s on the way.

Some sunshine!

Everyone is getting hot weather but our part of the country it seems! Hail yesterday while trying to cut the grass, then rain and more hail. I finally got the job done, but boy was I wet! That was about the extent of the holiday weekend was catching up on things around the house and yard.

Rain overnight and again this morning although we are seeing some of the clouds break up to give us a little sunshine, but still chilly for this time of the year! I hope you made it through the 4th celebration ok. Lot’s of fireworks around the place.

Someone put a handful of  “poppers” that pop when you throw them outside on the step overnight. Startled my wife when she stepped on it as we were leaving this morning for some errands. I guess that was the point to startle someone. I found 4 others and popped them on the sidewalk, that was the extent of my fireworks.

I even saw a pair of shoes tied together and handing from a telephone or power line across a street on the wire. Somebody had a good time and went home without their shoes I guess.

The sun is returning tomorrow and up into the 70’s. We should be dealing with 80’s by Thursday and through the weekend!



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