The heat is on!

Another beautiful day!

Dry high pressure is pushing the temperatures up nicely after a cool start to the day. We had better get used to temperatures above 80 degrees, as that is where we belong this time of the year!

It is nice to see some of the construction projects on city streets getting finished early, that sure makes it easier to get around.

We look to stay pretty consistent with our temperatures the next week or so. At least it’s becoming warm enough for the kids to “want” to get in the city swimming pools. Don’t be deceived by the warm weather, sunglasses and sunscreen are certainly a must as the sun is high in the sky at mid-day.

It was nice enough this morning to sit outside and have a cup of coffee. My wife complains about the mosquitoes being so active, but for some reason I only saw two this morning and both are now deceased.  Not once itch, but there are certainly more to come especially in the morning and at dusk.

The only rocky spot in the days ahead is the chance of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoons beginning this weekend. With highs climbing near 90 you have to expect to see some of those kind of fireworks.

I hope you have a great day!



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