White caps on the Missouri today!

Windy Day in Great Falls

We have seen wind gusts up to 45 mph this afternoon in Great Falls, that strong of wind gusts  are creating whitecaps on the river today.

After a relaxing weekend off  in the mountains, part of the time staying inside and watching lightning and rainfall. There is still plenty of water in the streams and the smell of pine is great this time of the year.

Early this afternoon I stopped by the Girl Scouts Summer Camp out and talked to a group of 9-year-old scouts about the weather and climate,  so they could early their merit badges. They got to see a weather balloon and a demonstration on how lightning forms and just how hot and dangerous it can get. I know there will be no arguing if they are told to get out of the pool if lightning is seen later this week when they go swimming!

The next couple of days look dry but windy as another front cross the state. By tomorrow our high temperatures should only be in the upper 60’s.

Wednesday windy but warmer. In the 70’s.

By Thursday we return to the 80’s, where we belong, and stay there through next weekend.

I hope you have a great day!


Tuesday  Mostly sunny/windy      68/49


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