Plenty of heat. A good day to be in the pool!

Nothing but blue skies do I see!

A sunny and very warm day. Upper 80’s by early afternoon and many locations are shooting for the low to mid 90’s in the state today!

Probably the most popular spots in town today are the swimming pools. I noticed the neighbor young ones had the hose out and were playing in the water to stay cool.

In the heat of the day it’s very important to drink plenty of water. I think I have had five glasses of water already today and still downing water this afternoon.

The parks seemed busy today with picnics under the shade of trees and others just sitting and watching the river and a few clouds pass by. No one is really moving very fast today and you can’t blame them with the heat of the day. I suspect activities will pick up this evening as it cools down. Great weather for “Bluegrass on the Bay” tonight.

I ran into a couple last evening after the early news when stopping for an errand. They said Friday was a big day. An outdoor wedding and my forecast better be right. I told them hot but nothing to spoil a wedding outdoors. Great day and evening for it.

I hope you enjoy the day and have a great weekend!



One Response to “Plenty of heat. A good day to be in the pool!”

  1. Vasboe, Jim Says:

    Wow Fred, Grand Marchall at Fort Benton. Congrats. If I had only known you were going to be the biggest celebrity in my life I would have stayed in contact. Missed the days of growing up in Cut Bank. Bet you are glad you didn’t have to stay there. Say Hi to Marsha, Debbie and Randy when you see them. Hope you get this.

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