The hummingbirds like the heat!

Hummingbird in the mountains loves the heat!

After a very warm weekend we are off to a warm start Monday! At 1 pm it is already 85 degrees and some morning clouds have broken up to give us plenty of sunshine. I suspect the swimming pool is busy today.

I managed to catch a snapshot of a hummingbird at meal time over the weekend, although the bird didn’t hang around too long. I guess perhaps just not real hungry.

The moon sure lit up the skies overnight Saturday evening! It was so bright you could barely see the stars, which are normally look like you could reach out and touch them!

Our hot weather is expected to cool down by tomorrow as high pressure gives up and moves eastward which will be replaced by a low pressure system. That will make our temperatures drop back closer to normal, the upper 70’s.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. I see from driving by the Fairgrounds that the midway area is already in the process of being put together in time for Rockin’ Ride on Friday night.

It sure feels like fair weather outside today! We have a slight chance of some showers or thunderstorms, but our pattern appears pretty dry for Great Falls.

Have a great day!


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