Hot time at the Fair end of this week!

4-H Ice Cream Booth

Wednesday’s food guest was the gang from the 4-H Ice Cream booth in the Livestock Pavillion. The huckleberry ice cream they brought along was delicious. I think huckleberry must be the “Cadillac” of ice cream flavors!

I am getting ready to head to the fairgrounds and tonight’s Fred’s Favorite Food will be Brian’s Tip Top Cafe Booth. They feature everything from deep friend avocado’s, deep friend bacon and a host of yummy fair food.

Friday looks to be near 90 degrees so we will feature the long-standing Lemonade Stand in the Commercial Building. It wouldn’t be a State Fair without a big cup of lemonade!

The State Fair has been a pleasant experience this year with mild weather each day. Some rain last Saturday but any moisture in the area has steered clear of Expo Park!

Friday may be a big different. Although hot at 90 there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening. Hot enough that any storms that develop could become severe so we will be keeping an eye on the sky Friday!

I hope you had a great day.



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