Colder air Friday and maybe Glacier Park Snow!

A cold front from the north cools us off Friday!

A good evening of thunderstorms and now looking ahead we see cooler temperatures arriving from the North late this week and below normal temperatures. There is a chance from the moisture Friday that some high elevations in Glacier Park may be some snow, yes I said snow!

Cool on Friday and Saturday but Sunday we begin getting sunny skies and warmer weather again.

With this weather we should carry a small carry on baggage outfit complete with swim suit, wind breaker, warm coat, water proof clothing. Guess a pair of gloves doesn’t take up much room either!

Our weather is certainly interesting!



2 Responses to “Colder air Friday and maybe Glacier Park Snow!”

  1. Bev Moore Says:

    Hi Fred–love your weather reports and you are usually right on for Helena. But we had pouring down rain in the early evening, “not some drops”, lightning and thunder–Tuesday night was worse. So you will have to take a % off for the evening..LOL
    You have great team to work with and you all work well together..thanks to your dedication.

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      Hello Bev and thanks for your kind comments. Tuesday night you had a bad storm with .88″ of rain and lots of lightning, etc. Wednesday night (last night) the Helena Airport only showed .02″ of an inch. They keep the official records, but perhaps you are in another part of the Valley? Wednesday sure looked mild compared to Tuesday from their records. Marnee Banks in Helena usually lets me know when it is pouring but she did not last evening. Glad you like our work and we are very happy to have you as a viewer!

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