Any luck growing upside down tomatoes?

I am pretty leery when it comes to “unconventional”  things that seem to defy logic. I know you have probably seen the ads about growing tomatoes upside down.

My wife wanted to try it and I resisted. Guess what? We received one as a gift so we were launched into growing tomatoes upside down. We also put a few in the ground right side up.

Well I guess I eat crow on this one. The upside plant is 1 single plant and has  dozens of tomatoes on it and is growing like crazy. The colors are just starting so we will have a bunch of salad tomatoes to eat!

In fairness our right side up tomatoes are not producing as much but we have a few tomatoes to eat already. In fact three. I must confess that just recently started putting tomato fertilizer on the upright tomatoes and they seem to be doing better.

So I would like to know what you think. Have you had success with growing tomatoes upside down or now? I have had nursery stores tell me that they don’t work.

I would be interested in your comments pro or con on your luck with tomatoes planted either way. Have a great Sunday! Pictures up the upside plant are shown below.



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