Turning toasty by Wednesday!

Clouds clearing off tonight & cool!

You can sure tell we are in the spot on the calendar when anything can happen in Montana that is related to weather!

Sunday evening in less than an hour almost an inch of rain flooding area streets and it was over almost as fast as it moved through town. That is what makes our weather so interesting to me!

A few clouds appeared this afternoon but basically a dry pattern for us. The nice comfortable 70’s today. By Tuesday we step up to the plate and into the 80 degree range.

It wasn’t planned this way, but Wednesday is the first day of school for the Great Falls Public schools and wouldn’t you know it; it turns into swimming pool weather!!! A high near 90 degrees.

To add salt to the wound the children will go back to school on Thursday with sunny skies and a high of 95 degrees. I have a feeling that recess will be the best part of the first two days of school.

By Friday we have another cool front that approaches the state and that will lower the temperatures into the 70’s again and make the classrooms more comfortable!

A slight chance of showers this weekend and highs in the mid 70’s. That is more like it for this time of the year, although normal in Great Falls is still 80 degrees for the daily high and 49 for the nighttime low.

Enjoy the cool weather while you can!



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