The last day of August and feels like September!

It’s the final day of August but sure feels much  more like mid to late September. A little patience and we will be seeing some warmer weather in a few days and just in time for the Labor Day weekend.

I knew there are a “lot” of people who say their gardens are a month or more behind in the growing season. We have a lot of green tomatoes but it will take some heat both day and night to turn them red and ready for eating! The couple of red samples were delicious however.

By the time Friday rolls around we should see more sunshine and highs climbing back into the 70’s and even some 80’s.

Late in the holiday weekend a little cooler and a few showers, but that is pretty normal to see a little roller coaster ride during a three-day weekend!

Don’t give up on the gardens yet and have a great week!



One Response to “The last day of August and feels like September!”

  1. Tanja Fransen Says:

    Hi Fred,

    From 100 degrees last week, to a high of 55 yesterday (which was a record coldest high temperature) I think the weather has a multiple personality disorder. 🙂 BTW, we only had a four degree temperature range in Glasgow yesterday. I’m looking forward to the ridge later this week and weekend. Have a great evening,


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