It’s looking better for sunshine Labor Day!

It seems to happen every year. You never are quite sure what to expect for Memorial Day and Labor Day holiday weekends! Usually we are pretty safe during the 4th of July celebration, but not always.

Saturday, although cloudy and some showers, it was warm and comfortable to be outside.

Sunday our weather has turned much cooler with the passage of an expected cold front. We should be pushing 75 during the day this time of the year and not 50’s to low 60’s, but I hope you are making the best of it.

That National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Glacier Park area above 6,500′ until tomorrow morning. Here is the link to their entire statement about snow!

The good news is winds switching from the northwest overnight to the southwest will help clear some of our clouds out and gives us some sunshine on Labor Day. That is great news.

Looking into the coming week we still don’t see daytime temperatures returning to the mid 70’s where they belong. Mid 60’s seems to be more common. Perhaps we will get a late summer warm up later on. I hope so!

Enjoy what is left of your long Labor Day weekend!


Happy Labor Day!


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