There is nothing like thunder to wake up a light sleeper!

Middle of the night lightning wakes up light sleepers!

There is nothing like a lightning and thunder to startle a person out of a good nights rest!

That is exactly what we had this morning, unfortunately I missed the show. I can sleep through most anything and this morning was proof of that.

It woke my wife up and her aunt that is visiting us from California, but her uncle, just like me, slept through it all! The only thing we could see was the remnants of rain on the street and sidewalk.

We are in an unsettled period just a couple of days before the start of fall. That still doesn’t mean we can’t see thunderstorms. This trend should not last long, in fact by the time this weekend rolls around we should be back in the 70’s and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you had a good nights rest and were undisturbed by the storm early this morning, otherwise you may need a nap before bedtime!

Have a great day!



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