Knee surgeries keep blogging to a trickle

I am sorry for the lack of contact through my blog the last couple of weeks. I have been busy concentrating on healing from two recent knee surgeries. A total replacement of the left knee on September 28th. The same day some meniscus damage was repaired by scoping of the right knee. At least I wasn’t awake during procedures, but I will admit that the procedures have kept me awake some at night!

A plan of physical therapy is underway and I am slowly getting my range of motion back in the full-knee replacement. We don’t think much of the knee-joint but it does take a beating. So now the slow process of getting back on my feet and have enough stamina to stay there.

A special thanks to Jeff Kelly for filling in for me the last two weeks and I hope to be back on the air soon! Meanwhile it is physical therapy, rest and watching the fall leaves change.



Wind blowing fall leaves everwhere!



4 Responses to “Knee surgeries keep blogging to a trickle”

  1. joe copenhaver Says:

    Hope you are mending well, we all miss you. Take care!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hello Fred! I hope you are recovering well! Miss your smile and precise weather forecasts!

  3. jackie Says:

    miss u fred on the news get well soon

  4. Fred’s Blog Stats for 2010! Thanks for following me. « Fred's Weather Blog Says:

    […] Knee surgeries keep blogging to a trickle October 2010 3 comments […]

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