Old man winter is making an early arrival!

After waking up this morning to more snow falling I decided it was time to invest in a new snow shovel. I have been putting it off for two or three years and using the old twisted and bent aluminum variety that should be retired.

My investment was a posture correct version, plastic of course, and with the bent handle. I have not tried it out yet but anxious to see how much easier it is on my back.

We need shovels, snow again today and cold north winds. As I write this it is 14 degrees and falling. The wind chill factor is zero and roads are winter like driving conditions. I also noticed the wind chill factor in Cut Bank at the same time was -15 degrees.

A word to the wise, find your warm clothes! We are expecting by this weekend to see highs in the single digits to low teens and night-time readings below the zero mark. It doesn’t end with the weekend. The same temperatures stick around until at least next Wednesday!

Tomorrow morning I will give that new shovel a workout!


NWS Weather Story


Snow piling up on us!

Helena snowfall at 2 pm!


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