The beauty of the Falls & Eagles!

Just a quick note that the Black Eagle Falls were spectacular today with the sunshine and the water rolling over the dam onto the ice below. There have been many sightings reported along that part of the Missouri of eagles. Even the Fish, Wildlife and Parks office called the station to alert us.

Funny how it is cooler, the wind has died down but it is still nice outdoors. I found it peaceful to pull over along the Falls for a few minutes during this busy and hectic time of the year. I hope you find time to stop and take time to take in the sights of our beautiful city and state!

Black Eagle Falls

Another view

Wider View


2 Responses to “The beauty of the Falls & Eagles!”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Hey Fred quick question! Can you tell me why sometimes like earlier this afternoon i looked out north and there was a brownish looking layer of low clouds, i live up on the hiline (Joplin), i was driving back from chester and saw this layer going behind the sweetgrass hills all away south behind the bears paw. I’ve seen this before and always wondered what it was. Oh and we’re getting a little light snow! 9 degree’s and cold! Thanls

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      Hi Ralph!
      Looking at satellite images Chester had northeast winds this afternoon that seemed to be pushing in a bank of low clouds from the east, no moisture but just a good bank of clouds. Havre was calm at the same time but fog was also reducing their visibility below 3 miles or less at times. The clouds and fog can make it look odd! Thanks for the snow report!

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